Saturday, June 3, 2017

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Destination New Zealand
Complete one holiday destination per week.  Due date each Friday starting 22nd May. 
Objective: To present an interesting brochure, advertisement, poster or blog post, celebrating the uniqueness of your chosen place in New Zealand. Over the next 5 weeks your home study challenge is to become more familiar with Aoteroa – New Zealand and discover just how enterprising our country is.
Here’s how to do it.......
1. Choose anywhere in New Zealand you would like to go on holiday. Name this place.
2. On a map – locate your destination. Place this in your home study book.
3. Decide how you will get there – fly, bus, car, motor bike, cycle. Any mode of transport you wish. There is no budget. Research how long this would take and the cost.
4. Using the internet or other reliable sources research what this destination is known for – what it markets itself as to attract the tourist. Write this in your home study book.
5. Decide what you want to do at this destination and how long you will stay there. Make a list of your choices, including costs and a time table of activities. Write this in your home study book.
6. Check out the accommodation at your destination – and make a choice as to where you will stay. Again include prices. Now that you have all your data, present this information in an interesting way e.g. as a brochure, advertisement, poster, blog post (presentation is important) (In your home study book is fine). Check your spelling of place names and activities. You may want to create a budget using an excel spread sheet.

20 April 2015. Today we explored one of the key competencies - participating and contributing. This is our focus for the next 5 weeks. Think about what participating and contributing look like, how important these skills are for a learning environment and what each of us needs to do to make this part of our class culture. Your challenge this week is to write a script (play) on a group of students participating and contributing. It can be in any learning area. To make it easier you can think of a fairy story - and use this as the structure, showing how a main character was participating and contributing. This script is to be a maximum of 3 minutes long, and have 4 main characters.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome to Term 3

Hello everybody welcome back to Term 3 2014.

This term we will be focusing on:

Exploring debates and how they are used to problem solve

Our speech theme this term is HRiE.  We are to give a three minute speech on something
we are concerned about that has a Human rights focus; this can include animal rights

First up - we will be revisiting using full sentences and key words to answer our comprehension questions.  Then we will use Blooms Taxonomy to explore inferencing, application and synthesising text.

Starting off with multiplication and division, moving into fractions.  Finishing the term with Geometry, where we will be sing reflection, rotation and translation to make polysymetric tiles.

We have been working on our miniball skills.  Hopefully our class will run a syndicate miniball tournament.

 We will have NIS ( Nelson Intermediate School) visit this term.

The key idea is:
As part of the community we share in decisions that build better facilities which enhance Nelson lifestyles. We also contribute towards these facilities.

We aresplit into teams.  Each team has a designing team and a planning team.  Eventually (after exploring the technology design process)  we are going to design a building, something futuristic that Nelson may need, while considering how local Goverments functions and plan for future needs.

Te Reo:
Responding to Kei te pehe akoe? is our focus.

Chocloate Icing in Room 4
Cooking Fridays
Milo Mondays
Ski trip
Camp planning
WWI visit to the museum
NIS visit

Written by Tallulah and Saraiah

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Report Writing Langauge Features

Language features

What it means:

  1. 1.      Compound sentence
  2. 2.      Technical language
  3. 3.      Correct punctuation
  4. 4.      Verbs
  5. 5.      Summarizing comment
  6. 6.      Key words
  7. 7.      Present tense

A.1 A compound sentence is a sentence with more than one     subject.

A.2 Technical Language is words related to the topic.

A.3 Correct punctuation is e.g. apostrophes, Capital letters, Full   
       stops, Question marks.

A.4 Verbs are doing words.

A.5 Overall comment.

A.6 Key words are whatever the topic is.

A.7 Present tense is e.g. it, is, and, now.

So now you pretty much know what languages features are and how the work.

By Jasper, Tallulah and Ben   ©

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making fudge with Marcel

Marcel's Russain Fudge

Marcel's Russain Fudge

On Friday 20th June Marcel the Butcher, Baker, Chocolate Maker came to show us how to make Russain Fudge.
Marcel showed us how to make Russian Fudge which some of us had made before but probably in a different way.His assistant was called Arlene, Marcel was funny just like a comiedien.He really likes making fudge and made his first SUCCSESSFULL batch about ten years ago. Everyone really enjoyed watching how to make the fudge and defenitly enjoyed eating the Fudge.

We were told that in the Himalayas you can't successfully make Fudge because fudge needs to be boiled at 120 degrees and in the Himalayas the fudge boiles at 10 degrees. You also can't make fudge in the rain because of all the moisture in the rain.
The steam that comes out of the pan is from most of the liquid that gets put in.

Overall Marcel is an awesome guy.

Remember to go down to Marcel's in Morrison Square! :)